Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life for documenting my vacation

I have been reading about project life and seeing examples here and there about it for some time now. It is a system specially designed to document your everyday life over a year. I have always been putting it away thinking that I don't have the time to document my everyday happenings. But then I started seeing projects of this being used for vacations. We went on a vacation to Hawaii in December of last year. I thought that this would be the perfect tool to document my entire vacation. Just like everyone else, I have so many photos from my vacation. I don't want to use all but I do want to use a lot of them. I don't have the time to make elaborate two page layouts for all of the photos. Instead by using project life, I can slip in the good, not so good and even some bad photos (even they tell a story) and write a few words about the photos and be done. But of course I can never be satisfied by doing just that. I encourage everyone to give project life a try because it can be used by all levels of scrapbookers.
The project life starters kit contains a three ring binder, core kit which contains coordinating cards and photo pocket pages. The photo pocket pages come in various formats. You can grab the ones most convenient for you and slip in photos and use the core cards for journaling and embellishments and it comes together very quickly.
Becky Higgins was the one who started the whole project life system. You can check out her website and blog for  a lot of inspiration.

Here are some links for inspiration:
From the Becky Higgins website, you can check out the pages created by the design team and you can spend a lot of time doing it. There is a lot of inspiration there.

Here are some links for the products:
So of course after watching all the videos and doing all the reading, I bought the Seafoam binder, Seafoam core kit and the mixed page protectors by Becky Higgins. I have started making my vacation album and will start sharing my project life pages with you soon.

Valentines Day Boxes

The tradition of kids giving little valentine treats or cards does not exist in India. So when Arjun came home for the first time with a bag full of goodies it was fun to go through them. He is now in third grade and has been exchanging valentine cards and little gifts with friends at school for some time now.
This year I decided to make him little boxes that he could fill with delicious Hershey's kisses for his friends.
I cut the boxes out with Cameo and I used Lori Whitlock's 3D bracket flap favor box. I really liked the design of it and the size it came in was perfect to fill with little treats. I was flip flopping between this and other ideas and of course before you know it is the 13th. So I went ahead and cut 22 boxes with the cameo. Interestingly it didn't take forever like how I expected it to. Arjun had to write to and from on all the hearts in cursive (dictated by the school) and that didn't make him too happy. But in the end after seeing the finished product and popping in a few Hershey's kisses he was a happy camper.
Here are the photos of the boxes: