Monday, July 22, 2013

Before I die I want to ....

Does this need to have a negative connotation..... absolutely not.... in fact this made me stop and think a little bit. Try to fill in the blanks and it could be a soul searching and soul bearing experience.

I created this layout again for the Hello Story class that is being taught by Ali Edwards. We are on week 2 now. It has been such an amazing experience. Taking the class is forcing me to make more meaningful and thoughtful layouts. It is not that I love scrapping our little every day experiences, but putting more thought and feeling into every layout has been a very enjoyable experience.

Here is my layout on this topic:

I found it very hard to write or even display in my scrapbook what I deeply feel so I designed this layout with a flap. The words on the right side definitely convey my feelings of what I want to emphasize, learn and do more of before I die on a high level. I am fine with sharing this. Here is the view of the layout when you lift the flap:

I will go ahead and fill in my deeper feelings later. I have been giving a lot of thought to what I want to write down.

I pretty much stuck to the structure of the layout that was created by Ali Edwards but changed out the colors and the feel a little bit. I wanted to make it look very festive.

I started off my layout with an inspiration from this patterned paper called Carousal from Crate paper.....
I took plain white cardstock (Bazzill, orange peel texture) and did some water coloring on it to mimic the top half of the colors. I then cut out all the words from the top half of this paper with silhouette and stuck them on the flap.
For the bottom part of the layout, I collected all the washi tape that I had in these colors and stuck layers of it. I then got all my enamel dots supplies in these colors and added them on to the photo. I also got this cool stamp in my Studio Calico Valley High kit. It stamps like a paint blob. I cut out .8" circles with silhouette and stamped the same color gradient on these circles and stuck them in the reverse order of my water colors along the border of my photo and journal block. I added some pink ink along the border of the layout and there you have it..... a completed layout.

There seemed to be some interest in some silhouette tutorials. The usage of silhouette to create this layout was very basic but I thought I will add a tutorial about how to go about creating the text and the flap.  I should add it in a couple of days so do check back. I will also try to add a few more tutorials explaining how I used silhouette to create some of my previous layouts. I will make sure to link them back to the posts.

I also want to link this amazing video that Ali showed us that was the inspiration behind this topic of 'Before I die...'. It is such a touching video by an artist called Candy Chang.
Have a great day...

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