Thursday, February 6, 2014

December Daily - Day 21

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When we landed in Costa Rica, Manrique had driven us from the airport to the resort. He seemed very nice and friendly and knowledgeable. He was a very interesting man. He lived in LA for 20 years before moving back to Costa Rica because of all sorts of circumstances. So on this day we decided to hire him for the day. First we went back to Congo trail to the petting zoo and we all got to pet some Howler monkeys. We also got to see all sorts of snakes. We could also hold the snakes if we wanted. Of all, I think Surya enjoyed the most.
From here we went to Tamarindo beach. It was a beautiful beach, so flat and tons of shells. We collected a bunch of shells and threw them back into the ocean. I wish I had taken a photo of the shells that Surya and I collected. The water was so beautiful and warm. The kids had a fab time there. After the beach and after cleaning up a little bit, we went to nearby restaurant for authentic Costa Rican food. It was delicious. It pretty much got dark after that and we headed back home. It was a wonderful relaxing day! Here are my pages:

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