Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Daily - Day 5

Okay, I know that I am missing Day 4 but I still need to complete this page. I am doing Day 5 first. Even though this was a hard one to make, I got it done first. Arjun broke his collar bone while playing basketball on Dec 5th. It was very hard to see him in so much pain. The only bright side of this is that he broke his right side and he is a leftie so he can still write and eat and also apparently,  a collar bone fracture is the least painful of fractures. But it still takes 6 weeks to completely heal. So no activities for that long. We had a bunch of events planned over the weekends for him so all of those are cancelled now. Right now the most important thing is for him to be heal and become healthy soon. Here are my pages for this painful day.

To make these pages, again I used a bunch of printables from studio calico kit. I actually incorporated the T-Shirt that Arjun was wearing that day. I had to cut it to take it off and he was unhappy to see it go as it was one of his favorites so I thought I would save a piece of it this way.
Here are the other december daily pages:
Have a great day!

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