Wednesday, January 1, 2014

December Daily - Day 14

This was a very special day for me. Surya and Arjun have been learning dance for the past 6 months. Surya is learning intro to movement, ballet and tap and Arjun is learning Hip Hop. This was their performance day. Unfortunately, since Arjun broke his collar bone, he could not perform. Both he and I felt very bad but then you can't do much when things like this happen, you just have to let it go and learn to roll with it. This was not really the special part, the special part was for Surya to be on stage for the first time. Even during the rehearsals he couldn't wait for it to be his turn to be on stage. I love his enthusiasm and energy. I hope it continues as he grows up. It is a special gift to have. He was center Rudolph out of the 5 little Rudolphs. His dance academy performed NUTCRACKER TOYLAND.
More than anyone, I think I was so stressed trying to figure out if I needed to be backstage, if I could watch the show, who needs to have the tickets and on an on. In this process I even forgot to take my camera. Luckily I had my iphone and most of the photos on these pages are with the iphone. In the end, I decided that I should just stay backstage with him because I did not want to feel apprehensive and worried that I was not there. So I pretty much missed the whole show but I will get the DVD and watch it later.
We had to spend quite a bit of time backstage. There were about 20 little girls in that room with one little boy - Surya. Surya hated to put on the antlers. But I told him I would give him candy if he put them on for the 5 minutes on stage. I decided to save the candy wrapper in the book too.
Here are my pages:

I collected the handouts, tickets, candy wrapper and put them in the glassine bag. I then added little embellishments on the the bag itself. I stitched the glassine bag onto the page protector. 

I could not take a photo of Surya dressed up on day 14 but decided to dress him up again on the next day and take a couple of photos. I didn't put too many embellishments on this page except the gold doily and white ribbon. The peace circle is a digital file provided in the 25 days class by Studio calico. The letter stickers are by Kelly Purkey.

I love these selfies that I took of Surya and me while waiting for our turn in the dressing room. All of Surya's expressions do really reflect his fun personality. For this page I add some of the starbursts and added gold enamel dots.

On the right page, I added some transparent elements provided in the studio calico kit.

I took these photos of Surya again while waiting outside the dressing room. I love his expressions. The lone embellishment on this page is a little plastic Rudolph. This was given to him by his dance teacher during one of their practices as a reward for listening to her. 

Surya did very well on the stage. He remembered what he needed to do. Both of his teachers were with the 5 little kids on stage and making sure everything was fine.
After the entire show, the whole dance team had to take a bow. The Rudolphs were in the first row. Surya got so excited and gave a loud laugh after the bow. This made the whole audience laugh. It was so funny.
Hope you enjoyed looking at the pages. I definitely enjoyed telling the story.
Have a great day.
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