Saturday, March 15, 2014

Color Studio Class @ Studio Calico

This month Studio Calico is offering the Color Studio Class. It is all about colors and how to use them in different combinations to get different final results. I am enjoying all the examples and challenges in this class. Till now we did the following topics - Complementary colors, Analogous colors, Square colors and Warm and Cool colors. It has been fun reviewing some of these concepts. At the end of each lesson we are given a combinations of colors that fit into each of these schemes. I think that is priceless. I plan on using this as a reference on my future layouts.

Our first assignment for this class, was to chose a moodboard for color inspiration and create a kit from our supplies to comply with the moodboard. I was amazed by how much there was on pinterest in terms of color combinations that are beautiful. This is the image that I selected:

You can find the pin here.

Here are the supplies I put together to go with the colors in the moodboard:

For the second challenge, we got to create a layout with the supplies we pulled together in the first challenge.When I see these colors, my heart goes back to our vacation in Cancun about 4 years ago. We got a professional photo shoot done and it was so worth it. The photo shoot captured our family and the scenery in a beautiful way. So I not only took inspiration for the colors from the moodboard but I also chose to use my photos in a grid just like the moodboard. Since I had the photos I was going to use in mind and the supplies all pulled together, it was very easy to make this layout. I didn't end up using all the supplies and also ended up using a few different supplies but having a starting point was good. Here is my layout:

Just like the moodboard, I managed to keep the layout light and airy and added a few (very few) pops of orangish yellow. The clothes pins in the moodboard called out for the usage of the wood veneer. The ocean, the sky, the sand and the colors totally called out for these photos. I love grid designs. I am huge fan, it somehow comes to me most easily. 

So there you have it. Before I sign up for any class, I always wonder if it will be useful and if I will learn anything, but I always ending up learning, sometimes big things and sometimes little things. It is amazing see how finding an image that is pleasing to the eye can be converted to a layout. Hope you will try out something like this too. It was fun!

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